Got A Great Idea? Share!

Check this out from Seventh Generation. Do you have any idea that might change the world? They are working with JustMeans, a social media platform for people interested in sustainability, to engage folks in an online social happening to promote change. The 2007 Spheres of Influence contest will award $5,000 for one winner to implement a social business idea. The contest ends on December 31, 2008 at midnight. I haven’t come up with a winning idea, yet, but maybe my brilliant readers and friends can! This is one of those things where something like a simple change to current protocol would be the answer…if only I could think of what that would be! Definitely worth some thought… Did I mention that I love Seventh Generation?

Eco-Responsible Pest Control

I hated that in our old house we had to have Orkin come and spray the basement. I knew it was toxic and I couldn’t find any better alternatives. Thankfully, in our new home, we haven’t had ANY problems but who knows what we’ll find in Texas (the bugs are as big and legendary as the state). I’m going to refer to this comprehensive eco-friendly pest control list from 7th Generation. What a great article! In it, you’ll find a link to eco-friendly and less toxic summer pests as well for bites and stings. Be sure to save the link – what a great resource!