White Boys Can Jump! Nikon D90 Adventures


Yesterday, I drove to the Branched Oak Farm to get grass fed beef, eggs and raw milk and the farm is next to Branched Oak Lake so I drove out there with the new Nikon D90 camera, dog and Ben to see what it was like…beautiful! We were the only people there on a Tuesday morning at noon so everybody ran free and Ben liked playing in the gravel. There were some empty Budweiser glass bottles on the ground and Ben kept saying, “There’s a juice drink.” when he saw them (yes, he speaks in very advanced complete sentences). I took pictures of many things, lots of textures for Photoshop of bark, trees and gravel, but my favorite picture is this one of Ben after I told him to stand VERY STILL and NOT to jump. Man, he can get some air for a 2 year old! The flying hair is just a bonus.