Fun Things Spotted on Flickr

Here’s a few things I have loved that I have spotted on Flickr lately. My computer crashed before I had a chance to record the links so – PLEASE – if these are your images, let me know so I can attribute and link to you. They are both really great ideas.

1. A new sampler for the modern age: QWERTY and web icons. How genius is that? Plus who doesn’t appreciate the quote, “Thank you, Internet, for letting me observe so many crazy people from a safe distance.”

2. Decoupage family face eggs. A little freaky and possibly narcissistic (search for your own image eggs, maybe?) but also quite fun and original. Maybe next Easter!

Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun

I am so sad. Somebody illegally distributed Stephenie Meyer’s latest book she’s working on via the internet. This book is really interesting, too, it covers Twilight but from Edward’s perspective — very thought provoking to go back and hear the same conversations from his thoughts! To combat the illegal copy she has posted her own online copy here. Read about it and weep. We may never see the book in print!