Springer Dog Bike Ride Thing

Check this out! Me likey. I’m sure the pups would like it, too, so they can go on a bike ride with me. It’s called the Springer. I’ve linked the pic to their website.

Pepper the Pound Puppy

Introducing Pepper, the pound puppy. We adopted her last Saturday on a whim. We have been wanting a puppy for awhile – mastiff, rottweiler or german shepherd but when we saw this brindle boxer / black lab mix at the pound she was so sweet and we couldn’t leave her behind. She’s just shy of 5 months old and it’s taken a week but she’s starting to come out of her shell. Welcome to our home, Pepper!

Dog Collar Contest Winner

Silver spoons! Who’d a thunk it? Very nice and perfect for elegant breeds. Check out the design and fabrication from Junk Market’s website here.