Wilderness Safari, Lamberts, Branson, Springfield & Bass Pro!

One busy final weekend before school began. We made a one-night trip and did so many things! Yes, only one night but we were able to stop outside of Springfield, MO and visit a Wildlife Safari that was some of the best fun we’ve had in awhile! There were zebras, cows, bison, bears, tigers, a giraffe, etc., and you could feed most everything. The boys had an absolute blast and the bus ride was well worth the extra cost. Highly recommend for a fun, quick adventure. Then, we went to Bass Pro in Springfield and drove on to Branson to spend the night. We ate at Lambert’s Cafe (our second time ever) and we will always drive out of the way to stop there if we are near the Ozarks. Love that place! Enjoy the pics.


A little smoochie with the hubs. I thought it was funny that two teenage girls were cleaning out the panther area and the bus drive said the display was for man-eaters. Cole took pictures. {Sigh} Teenagers.



Great video below of the tigers being fed chicken. The white one gets tired of giving the orange one chances and ends up taking it.



Waiting at Lambert’s Cafe (below).


Bass Pro fun (below).



Marvel Cave & More Boy Funnies


I have a great “funny” to share from our trip to Branson, Missouri. As we entered the wonderful Marvel Cave (true to its name), my very perceptive 7 year old son, Gabe, said “We’re in Mother Nature’s nostril!”

Also, when we arrived at the gates and I made everyone use the restroom, Jack came running out after he was finished declaring, “Wahoo! I partied in the man cave!” I never knew using the restroom could be so fun. I must be missing something (and we all know exactly what THAT is — the same missing item that puts me at a grave disadvantage while camping). Gotta love boys!