Pink Baby Bonnet & Booties!

I know – I get so excited over small things. Really, tiny, baby things. I just am still so new at this knitting stuff that I am amazed sometimes at what can be done. The bonnet is so cute – I made the bonnet in the post below out of pink alpaca yarn. It is so soft and so cute. I don’t have any dolls to try it on but here is how they turned out. I still need to figure out a tiny flower for the booties – or not – they look cute just how they are, I think! The booties took way longer than the hat but I think if I were to do it again (which I will for sure) that it would go faster now that I have done it before. I hope to get pictures of the cute baby to whom these will be gifted soon and I will post them then if it’s okay with her mama.

Knitting Frenzy (Bootie Call!)

I have found the most interesting way to knit baby booties: double knitting. Susan B. Anderson details the baby booties pictured first (and it’s her pattern), made of cotton yarn. Betz White shows her version in the 2nd picture – made of soft alpaca yarn. Even though they’re small – the stitches are also tiny and they do take awhile!

Knitty also features a double knitted Hoover Baby Blanket. The double knitting is so gratifying because it is so very thick (it creates kind of a pocket which you can seal by binding off) but it does take twice the time. The time savings comes in not having to seam two swatches together or cast on twice!

I have also been hanging on to an article from my beloved CRAFTZine detailing a Norwegian method of making large booties. These booties are fascinating – I can’t wait to try them both out! I’m almost halfway through a pair of baby booties but I have at least 6 more to make….here’s to hoping they turn out. I will keep you posted and post pictures of the final product as soon as I’ve got them completed. My hands are sore today (death grip on the needles must stop – but those baby yarns are so tiny!).