Annie Sloan Chalk Paint + Ethan Allen Armoire DONE!



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antibes plus dark wax plus an Ethan Allen solid wood armoire found at Goodwill = MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! I am thrilled with the results but I must warn you there were a couple of moments I thought it wouldn’t be salvageable. The dark wax can be tricky but once I learned to use clear wax to remove excess dark wax in spots then it worked out beautifully. Also, distressing isn’t as easy as everybody says so I decided to forego much distressing on this piece as the oak beneath showed through rather than the Graphite layer I painted beneath the two coats of Antibes green, and I did not want that.

My Ethan Allen + Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project


So I haven’t started yet. Unless you count scouring Goodwills, garage sales, estate sales and thrift shops for the perfect armoire to hold linens, which, everybody knows, is the absolute funnest part other than having your project done. I’m all about envisioning and finishing. The middle stuff gets a little murky so I thought I’d document my project so I’m a little more motivated to get it done. I found this Ethan Allen cabinet for $35 at the Tulsa downtown Goodwill — the only one in the area that sells furniture. Even as the store put it on hold for me (with a sign and everything) while I still shopped, another couple went up to it and I actually heard them discussing that they could just take the sign off…and I quickly mentioned that I WAS CHECKING OUT WITH IT. Geesh. That’s a sure sign of a good find!

Then, I went to buy the paint at Canabananas at The Market at Walnut Creek in Tulsa which is an adorable selection of mini boutiques. Some great, some just okay. The staff was a bit snobbish and less-than-helpful, but I enjoyed wandering around there just the same. Next time, though, I’ll buy my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint right here in Bartlesville at the French Nest. Candi Peaster is the owner and I have met her and she is super nice and helpful. Wish me luck on the project! I think I’m going to try graphite underlayer and Antibes green with dark wax to match our black bedroom furniture and green polka dotted comforter. I hope it turns out as well as I envision it!