Look What I Made!

So this is my second knitted dishcloth. My arm just might fall off – not from knitting but from patting myself on the back! I’m so excited – knitting is so much fun. Thanks to a good friend for sharing the pattern. It’s so pretty I don’t know if I really want to use it but since the same good friend (thanks, Cathy K) also gave me a couple, I know they hold up really well. It’s such a great Sugar ‘n Cream pink yarn and so durable. I haven’t figured out how Cathy got the ends joined so seamlessly (I’m not generous enough to show you the back side!) but all in all this is a pretty one. I love the pink – kind of my own tribute to breast cancer as I wash the dishes every day. My first one went to a friend in Arkansas on our trip down to Texas. This one is going to my mother. I have a few more that are spoken for and then one for me. All pink, baby! Oh, and if anybody can figure out how to do this in the round on circular needles…please, email me.

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