We’re Off to See the Wizard…Or Not!

Blurry pic. I know. I obviously didn’t take it and it’s the only one we got of all of us! So my sister has been spoiling us with tickets to cultural and sporting events and we went to the Rose Theater downtown to see The Wizard of Oz with the kids and the elaborate show is normally 160 minutes with a 20 minute intermission. Part way through the first half the fire alarms went off and we were asked to evacuate. Lots of kids. Crazy. Cast and pit also evacuated. Fire department comes. Building cleared. Find our seat. Lots of kids (again). Just before intermission it happened again which put the end of the show near 11 p.m. so we bailed at intermission and went to Jimmy John’s for sandwiches and tried to get some genealogy copied at Kinko’s (another post – beware – it’s not friendly; let’s just say Donnie ran from the store to avoid the altercation and embarrassment). With the storms at Rosenblatt last weekend and the fire alarms at the Rose Theater…we’re not going to have much to do with any roses anymore. Certainly not even considering any town with rose in the name in Georgia! We don’t want to curse ourselves…

One thought on “We’re Off to See the Wizard…Or Not!

  1. That is so funny… we almost bought tickets to the Wizard of Oz, but decided the girls just are not ready for 120+ minutes of culture. What a bummer for you guys though. I like the new website layout. How are plans for the move coming along?

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