In Progress – More House Pics!








Contract pending and still in progress. The home inspection went well and there really were only a few things we’re requesting of the seller so fingers crossed that they’re willing to keep negotiating with us so we can move in soon! We went on a family walk on Sunday evening (it was still 100 degrees out at 7:30 at night) so we sweat like pigs and didn’t want to stalk/scare the family selling the house to us so we walked over to the street and back again. It’s about a mile away from Don’s parents’ home. The pool, school and rec center are just about halfway between – how fun! I posted a bunch of home pics over on our flickr account if you want to view more. Just be sure to select Sparkbark’s photostream and then slideshow – it’s the easiest way to view them. Hopefully more good information coming soon. I know you’re all sick of me and house subjects (selling AND buying) so I’ve got to get moved in so we can get back to family stories and knitting and sewing and school and giveaways and design and work and…real life. Real life sounds pretty good about right now, work and all!

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