Ice Walking at Chalco

We drove up the street to Chalco Reservoir. We had to ditch the stroller because the ice was so thick that we couldn’t get the “regular” stroller over it (wish we had taken the jogging stroller, oh well). Ben seemed to walk better on the ice unassisted. We took the neighbors dog, Marcie, since they had asked us to let her out the night before while they were going to be out late and I FORGOT to even tell Cole to do it (note: we are very unreliable people). I didn’t want to get another concussion before this one has fully healed so I was really leery of the ice. The boys, however, weren’t phased and had a great time looking for fish frozen in the ice. We returned home with no head injuries and nobody fell in and I count that as a victory. Cole did learn that when you crunch ice over water and your foot goes through, the water is VERY cold. I’m glad he learned it today rather than on a 10 mile scout camp hike. We are going to miss this annual tradition when we get to Houston. We’ll have to replace it with something like swimming at Christmas.

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