What I Designed Today: Family Silhouettes


I couldn’t get rid of these black frames (new in package) at my garage sale. I had to do something with them and we got a new black bed for our bedroom to help “stage” the home so I pulled them out and in an hour I forced each kid to stand sideways against the wall and take a digital picture, blacked it in and printed them with a great quote. Cheap, easy (two of my favorite words)…and I love it!

3 thoughts on “What I Designed Today: Family Silhouettes

  1. Wow, those are so cool! What a great idea! I am very sad that you are leaving. I know that I don’t see you much, but just knowing your are a few minutes away has been great. Call if you need anything, please!

  2. Oh, Kathleen – what a good idea! I could do a quick online tutorial of how I made those silhouettes. Thanks – I’ll try to get that done ASAP and post it as well as give it a permanent page for anybody who wants to try it. I use Photoshop but any photo editing software would work! Thx. Glad you like it! xoxo Lizabeth http://www.sparkbark.com

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