Deck Staining is…FUN!

We are actually enjoying this process. The bid for getting our deck spray/stained was $650 so we decided to do it ourselves. And it has taken a long time. And we really haven’t had any help from anybody (even though we’ve asked some people who shall remain nameless…). And we haven’t died. Yet. We are so excited and actually having fun! We power washed it a couple of weeks ago, cleaned the floor with cleaner and then sanded last week and then today we got the upper rails and most of the stair rails completed. Monday or Tuesday night we’ll finish the floor and stair treads and beams. Yeah for us! Hard work feels good…now if only the “red cedar” semitransparent oil stain we picked out didn’t look like dirty pink…oh well there’s no going back now! We hope it will look sophisticated to our prospective buyers! God can change the color in their eyes if we pray hard enough, right! Just kidding…maybe the fumes were too strong…

Click HERE to see a page with the color of Red Cedar that we chose – looks great, right! We thought so, too. Well, lesson learned: always sample on your actual wood (which, is actually cedar). I’ll post pictures in the light when it’s all done – it’s really not bad!

One thought on “Deck Staining is…FUN!

  1. good job for being brave and taking action! since you’re just loving it afterall, would you like to come and stain our deck next????

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