Cole’s Taekwondo Testing!

It’s blurry because I didn’t realize you have to focus BEFORE you push record. Let’s hope I don’t make that mistake again. The video of his lower belt below that he had to remember and redo is a bit better!

He was hoping to not have to do yellow but, unfortunately, it was one of his two random older forms he had to remember in order to pass off his red belt. He hesitated but did a great job (especially for being sick for two days home from school!). We are truly proud of him – he persevered even though he didn’t feel his best.

Cole should be getting his brown belt a week from today. He did a great job with his red belt testing on Friday night. At this level, they have to choose two random previous forms to pass again also. He chose orange and yellow out of a bag which were the 2nd and 3rd ones he’d learned a LONG time ago and he was really nervous. Next is black and we have to try to rush through that before we move because his teacher here in Gretna, Rick Staack, is absolutely the best! We don’t want to fool around with starting over in Texas.

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