Beautiful Moment: Offer Accepted!

I was on the computer early this morning, checking out any brand new listings or price reductions because I was SURE we didn’t get the house we made an offer on yesterday (there was a competing offer) and it had only been on the market for 2 days.

Beautiful moment: Don came upstairs and asked if I’d checked email and when I saw his face, I knew that we had gotten the offer accepted!!! I wish I could freeze that moment in time.

After a long year of cleaning and showing and taking a huge loss on our home in Gretna, we finally found some good news! We found a beautiful home for a great price in a great neighborhood with great schools that is large enough for our family AND clean and in great condition (everything else we’ve looked at so far needed so much work for the same price). Now we just need the continued prayers for a smooth inspection, appraisal and closing!

Check back later today as I’ll post some more pics after we get back in to show the kids.

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