The Cutest T-Shirt Ever

I haven’t ordered from Deseret Book in forever. I’m years behind on my EFY cd collection. So what made me place an order this morning? This t-shirt. Adorable. Cute for boys, girls, men, women (yes, they have all those styles). It comes in heather gray and pastel ribbing, too, if you’re so inclined…and it’s half off. About $7 per tee. Now that’s a bargain! If you can’t read the picture, the t-shirt says, “give” — the Little Stream. One of my favorite Primary songs – hooray!

2 thoughts on “The Cutest T-Shirt Ever

  1. that is a dang cute shirt! i luv it! and speaking of tshirts…that just reminded me of something. you bought me an iron on transfer tshirt book when i was like 10 that i LOVED and STILL HAVE!!!!! i still remember how excited i was when you bought it for me :). do you remember? i used it all the time…i’d iron pictures onto shirts, pillowcases, the whole bit..then would paint ’em with puff paint! 🙂 i sure did luv you guys..and still do!

  2. OH my gosh! I don’t remember that! I remember was asking you how you styled your bangs so cute (you were, like, 10 and I was 20 and you had way more skills than me on the beauty and homemaking front – still do I’m sure!). Fun times. I do miss Alpine – still!

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