What I Designed Today: Do It Yourself Water Bottle Labels – Jesus Christ is the Living Water John 4:13-14



So my husband was in charge of refreshments at the youth activity this week at church and since he was helping me with a client’s custom WordPress install and website, I pitched in and helped him with the food and drink. Since I recently have been working to help a party goods designer (more announcements and info to come on that later!), I knew I could quickly throw together a water label with a fitting scripture: John 4:13-14. Free jpg file for download here. You will want to use packing tape to adhere them to the water bottle. I found the easiest way was to remove the official label off the bottle, stretch out a piece of packing tape a little longer than your new label and center it on your tape and wrap it around each bottle – voila! So cute. I think I’ll have to use this for seminary, too.

33 thoughts on “What I Designed Today: Do It Yourself Water Bottle Labels – Jesus Christ is the Living Water John 4:13-14

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  2. Looking to do the same thing for our youth mission trip. Could you please advise….Were your labels waterproof labels? and could you send me the file for printing. We want to put them on the little 8oz. Deer park Water bottles. so what size are the labels printed ex. 1 1/2 x 4 or 6? Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi, Paul – I have printed this exact size on large and small water bottles; I just cut the ones for the smaller bottles so they weren’t quite as long. They are only waterproof depending on the type of printer you use. Since I use regular paper, technically it’s not water proof even though I use laser printing that won’t run. HOWEVER, the way I put them on is to lay them down facing up on a table after they are cut out and then place a short length of packing tape over the label and wrap it around the bottle. If prepared this way, they almost look laminated by the packing tape…make sense?

  4. Of course I wait until the last minute to try and come up with a handout for my class. If you read this at all this morning could you please send me the link? Thank you!

  5. I’ve been out of town for a MONTH, Ashley! Sorry I didn’t see this. I’m happy to email you any files – just want to be sure you know they are all Adobe products: InDesign and/or Illustrator files, mostly. Some people can’t use them and are expecting Word so I wanted to be sure you knew, that is, IF you still want them. Also, your fonts will be different but you can match them closely…

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  7. Could you please email the template. We would love to use this for our girls camp. Thank you so much! I love your work.

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