Christmas Cookies – Good ‘Ol Chocolate Chip

I had several sticks of butter softening on my counter since Thanksgiving and I knew I wanted to make cookies for the kids’ school lunch treats and as I thought of what my family likes best (and we like so many different cookies!), but what we like best is the old standby: chocolate chip. Sure the Nestle recipe is great. So is just about every other chocolate chip cookie recipe — you just can’t seem to go wrong whatever version you choose. So, I baked away and tripled the recipe and used up my butter! Some will be shared, some stored in the freezer and many packed in lunches this week. Hooray for cookies (and counters that are cleaner in the end)!

Another Kid Funny for Christmas

Since this is also for family remembrances, I had to create a new category for kids’ funnies (sayings, actions, etc.) and hope to remember to actually write down all of those things that make being a parent worthwhile in the comedy department. I wanted to share with you a conversation I recently had with Gabe. I was sitting at the computer when Gabe sidled up to me and whispered: “Mom, since I know you’re really Santa, can I go with you this year and pick out what I really want?” I asked him how he knew that I was Santa and he said, “Sam told me.” Sam, the very cute older neighbor boy has been teaching Gabe quite a bit this year…I’m sure I don’t know — nor want to know — the half of it!

Christmas Stockings

I am having a thing for Christmas stockings. There are some innovative ones on etsy and of course they’re all over magazines right now. I have been ripping pages out of magazines like crazy because I am in love with them. The pics above are from this month’s edition of Country Home magazine.

A Very Classy Christmas Card for our Soldiers

My friend, Alison, sent this to me today…what a great idea! Just one extra card this year for you but if everybody participated, our soldiers would feel a little more appreciated. Send a heartfelt note for Christmas today (it’s never too early for love and gratitude). Cards can be sent to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
POB 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 27091

Please pass it on!

[Before you start thinking that I’m demeaning our soldiers with the above pic indicating it is “play” (uh, duh, we all know it is anything but)…the army man pic was taken by my boys while camping and I couldn’t help but appreciate the symbolism.]

Homemade Pop-Up Christmas Cards!

Well, three Christmas cards and a pig. He was just so cute I had to include him – I guess the pig is symbolic for the new year? Hmmmph. Learn something new every day. Anyway, they all look so easy and adorable and are by Robert Sabuda. You can check out his instructions and patterns here. My kids will love trying these this year but I won’t promise to get any actually mailed…

Let the Christmas Decor Begin!

Well, my anti-consumerism streak lasted about 10 minutes, that is, until I received this email from L.L. Bean. I’m still not whipping out the debit card just yet but this greenery does have me drooling. I know there’s nothing like the real thing but I’m thinkin’ it’s a good thing that I have some pretty faux greenery with white lights packed away that might quell the craving just a bit. I guess we’ll be putting up Christmas decor early this year… Plus, I’m thinking it might be the year for gingerbread creations. This igloo is adorable! All pics are from L.L. Bean so be sure to check out their site here.

Cafe Press: Greeting Card Innovations

Love the Human Fund card (yes, we’re Seinfeld rerun fans).  Some of the designs are fabulous.  Some of the designs are really not my taste. There’s a huge variety at Cafe Press – and it’s because this site allows you to sell your own cards, calendars and other items and prints on demand – fabulous.  It’s like nouveau Ebay or Etsy but for print!  Me likey!  Check the selection out here and click here if you’re interested in selling designs.  I especially enjoyed browsing the political bumper stickers – wow – eye openers!

A Little Something to Put You in the Christmas Mood!

I know, I know, it’s early for Christmas…but my fabulous artist friend Traci Osborn sent me this she has been working on and it’s beautiful! I wish I had her talent…but I know I don’t have the discipline necessary to get there. She even sent me the outlines I could have worked with on the computer to create something but, alas, I couldn’t have even envisioned it as well as this. Hope it puts you in the Christmas mood like it has for me. It’s coming up fast, you know.