Buddha Hand Citron Fruit Tree

Picture from White On Rice.

We have inherited at least two Buddha Hand Citron fruit trees. The fruit is amazingly ugly but it SMELLS so good! It smells like a not-tart-lemon. Or a lime. Or a sweet lime. Obviously very difficult to describe but it’s wonderful! I’ve heard of a few uses:

1. Soak the rind in sugar and make a citrus flavored sugar. There are some interesting ideas on Chowhound.
2. Remove the pith and candy the peel.
3. Cut off the fingers and dice and use as you would lemon zest (same taste, less bitter). There are some good looking recipes over at flavorandfortune.
4. Make lemon vodka liqueur…okay, not for us since we don’t drink but maybe you can cook with it? It sure is pretty in the bottle, anyway.

You can buy the tree from Bay Flora for $67 or you can buy the fruit online at Local Harvest for $20 apiece! Geesh! Wish I knew where I could sell them for that in Houston!

Tree of Life Artwork

I have been intrigued lately with trees and, more specifically, artwork symbolically reminiscent of the Tree of Life. I found this at www.tenthousandvillages.com and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at their website. They seem to have reasonable prices, too. Reminds me of a good friend who purchased her living room furniture because the pillow fabric had a subtle tree of life pattern in the weave. What a nice reminder of scripture stories and imagery to have around your home.