Fat Quarter Tote Bag Tutorial & Giveaway

From Cicada Daydream. Enter the giveaway here. In case you don’t win, here’s the tutorial on how to make one yourself. Deadline to enter is February 18, 2009.

Make Your Own Tote Bag!

Love this idea. Love the clear instructions. Thank you, jcarolinecreative!

Meet Anna Maria Horner!

This girl can sew. And cook. And has a mighty great blog here. I am in love with anybody who can be pregnant with their 6th child, still be tiny and cook with a huge yellow Le Creuset pot. Plus, she finds time to author a sewing book, Seams to Me. Superwoman, I tell you.

Tokyo International Quilt Show

I don’t quilt. But I sure love lookin’ at ’em, and so will you. Click on the pic above to link to Moonstitches’ Flickr stream of the Tokyo International Quilt Show. Beautiful.

Making Latex Clothing?!

I have a latex allergy so I will never be doing this but I had to post it for two reasons: 1) It’s really very interesting to see how she glues together the clothing and 2) who knew Latex made your hiney look so good. Well, maybe a cute hiney is a preliminary requirement. But, dang, this looks like something very Hollywood/Catwoman-ish. It’s much cuter than the only other thing I’ve ever seen done with latex: ugly deformed hand chicken puppet balloons that my husband makes out of latex gloves whenever we take our children to the doctor. Anyway, the pic above links to her website about making clothes with latex. At least, I’m assuming it’s a girl…

Bag Fever (Maybe I Need A Vacation?)

I love these bags. This weekender bag is genius. I am going to have to make one. Someday. Thank goodness for “someday” because then I don’t have to admit that it will actually never get done. I am feeling this need to learn how to do everything at least once and cannot figure out why. Midlife crisis, I guess. This ruffle bag seems much more doable and an easy way to dress up your recycled grocery t-shirt bags. Yeah, I’ll try that one first. They’re both beautiful and found on The Weekender blog.

Spring Decor – Anna Crafts

Yeah for SPRING! Here goes wishful thinking since it’s still cold and January here in Omaha. I’m anxious for spring – mostly because then I know we will HAVE to be well on our way to Texas. Geesh. This waiting in winter thing is more difficult than I expected – patience schmatience. Very difficult stuff to be in limbo. I’m going to appease my worries with a little spring-like eye candy. The website for the above pics is here and the site includes a blog, craft school and boutique – some of it is still in the works but I’ve seen the magazine. It’s fabulous.

My First “Real” Apron

I wish that I had these skills about three weeks ago. I sent my sister, LeAnne an apron I tried to sew myself and it looks regurgitated next to these aprons that my friend Benay helped me sew yesterday. I now have THE SKILLS. At least to do an apron! So, LeAnne, which of these two do you want and which one can I keep? Look out – if you know me and usually get a gift – it’s probably going to be an apron this year.

Marie Claire Idees

Each of the above pics is from Marie Claire Idees – a French sewing/knitting/craft magazine. I am a francophile (is that supposed to be capitalized? I don’t think so.). I love anything from/about/in/around France. I went there after my senior year in high school and had a great time but I’m wanting to go back and take my husband. He is not such a French fan but I think he’d enjoy the culture, photo ops and most definitely the food. J’adore le pays de France dans mon coeur.

Betz White’s Cashmere Bunnies

Betz White wrote Warm Fuzzies, the book that I created my first felted wool project from (the felted puppets). I love the book! I looked up her blog online here and found a great tutorial for cashmere bunnies. My first bunny was small because I didn’t stuff her very much and for the second try, I didn’t have smooth stitching but once she was really stuffed, you couldn’t tell at all – note to self: lots of stuffing for these babies. My boys have loved them and Gabe has taken the baby over and named her Rachel. You can even see her hiding in some of our branch Christmas party photos as a tag along. So far she has hit both the gym AND the Christmas party – a pretty well traveled bunny for two days old. After I finished making them, I asked Ben what a bunny says and he replied, “Boing! Boing!” Not too shabby!

Who Knew? Holly Aiken!

Cute, cute stuff. Mostly I love her logo with the sewing needle in it. I love the laptop cases and bags! You can check out her stuff here.

Christmas Stockings

I am having a thing for Christmas stockings. There are some innovative ones on etsy and of course they’re all over magazines right now. I have been ripping pages out of magazines like crazy because I am in love with them. The pics above are from this month’s edition of Country Home magazine.

Learning to Crochet – Elephants & Amigurumi

I love amigurumi (say ahm-ah-goo-room-y)! My wool and cashmere elephant is coming along nicely. I have his body all crocheted – twice – because i just taught myself two days ago and had to redo the original chain foundation ring on every piece I had already done. He’s my first so I’m not expecting much and he’s bigger than most amigurumi but I wanted him to be big enough that I could learn easily. On the down side, my living room is a mess; my kitchen island is a mess; my office is a mess; my clothes are a mess (seriously need a shower) but I intend on finishing this little guy today! For a fabulous tutorial on how to correctly do the foundation ring, check out this video. Thank goodness for the internet!

Adorable Site – Pimp Stitch

Gaga over talent (and time) that I do not have. Love, love, love this site. Check out their free patterns and tutorials here and here. Happy browsing!

Two New Mags: STITCH & Women’s Running

Hooray! Two new magazines being published and I like the looks of both of them. Let’s hope the STITCH magazine from Quilting Arts can stay fresh (the other magazines looked a bit old fashioned to me but this Stitch one has potential – I’m definitely going to check it out!). 10% discount on this subscription if you order soon.

Another new magazine: Women’s Running. Can’t wait to check this one out, too! I just love to flip through magazines – snippets of info you can keep one in the car without getting the least bit upset when it’s crumpled and smashed by kids and/or dogs. FREE (actually cute) t-shirt when you subscribe.