Heavenly Reminders

Wednesday this week, we thought we lost Gabe. Things were hectic, so I ordered pizza. Gabe and Ben didn’t come downstairs to eat with the rest of us. We were in a hurry and going fifteen different directions that night so I didn’t think too much of it as Cole and I scarfed down our pizza and headed out the door to tae kwon do. Halfway to the Woodlands, Don calls and asks if I’ve seen Gabe. He can’t find him anywhere. The last time I saw him was just before the pizza came and he was doing homework in my office. I had sent him upstairs to put away his orange belt and he never came back down. Don frantically searched the house, the perimeter and went to the neighbors’ home. None of my boys go outside or over to friends without asking me first. We were very worried. Cole started praying AND crying and we turned around and headed home as quickly as we could. A very long 20 minutes or so later, Gabe was found sound asleep wrapped completely in a blanket at the back of his top bunk bed. He didn’t even wake up when Don was yelling for him right next to him! The skinny kid got lost up there! We are so grateful nothing happened to him and while we read scriptures that night, I just couldn’t stop hugging him.

Fast forward to Thursday. I woke up grumpy. Nothing too extensive…run-of-the-mill grumpiness. I was glad Gabe was okay but couldn’t shake my bad mood all. day. long…even with a morning run! I had a church meeting Thursday night and the hostess mentioned she had been at a funeral. Her neighbor boy had wandered into their neighbor’s pool and drowned. My heart sank. It was my nightmare come true! I feel so badly for this child’s family. What a tragedy. I was instantly reminded that life is so fragile and precious and I should not waste one minute of it being grumpy over my small trials.

Friday: I am up way too early but am going to make the best of it by going to the gym and getting my workout in very early. I have good things ahead today! I hope Friday and the weekend bring you many good things to look forward to as well! Happy Friday!!!