Hello Again & Knitting Links #1

I’ve been gone for so long, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself! I have been more than busy this season and I’m going to have to change that. I definitely need to rearrange some priorities. I am determined to include more knitting time. I have so many great knitting links and blogs to share that I’ll just start off with a couple and give you time to enjoy them. Then I’ll list a few more next time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

First, check out Brooklyntweed. His name is Jared Flood and he’s on flickr, twitter, blogs and has a website. He teaches knitting but I simply enjoyed looking at his work. His technique is amazing and his color choices seem natural yet subdued and perfectly suited to the pieces he works. Love it! I wish he offered some free patterns but I couldn’t find any. I really enjoyed his circular needles version of the baby pants pictured above.

The original baby pants pattern can be found from Shibui Knits out of Portland. I couldn’t find any free patterns on there site, either, but there is enough eye candy to inspire you for sure!

Pink Baby Bonnet & Booties!

I know – I get so excited over small things. Really, tiny, baby things. I just am still so new at this knitting stuff that I am amazed sometimes at what can be done. The bonnet is so cute – I made the bonnet in the post below out of pink alpaca yarn. It is so soft and so cute. I don’t have any dolls to try it on but here is how they turned out. I still need to figure out a tiny flower for the booties – or not – they look cute just how they are, I think! The booties took way longer than the hat but I think if I were to do it again (which I will for sure) that it would go faster now that I have done it before. I hope to get pictures of the cute baby to whom these will be gifted soon and I will post them then if it’s okay with her mama.

Scalloped Baby Hat from Drops Yarn

I made the booties and I’m now making this beautiful hat! It’s not super easy but it hasn’t been that bad either (but, then again, I’m not done yet!). It seems to be going faster than the booties did but I am watching general conference so perhaps that is why it’s getting done more quickly. I love the Drops Yarn that I purchased and when I went to their website, I found a ton of great patterns. Click on the picture above to visit their site! Great stuff for knitting – LOVE IT. I am becoming such a junkie.

Knitting Frenzy (Bootie Call!)

I have found the most interesting way to knit baby booties: double knitting. Susan B. Anderson details the baby booties pictured first (and it’s her pattern), made of cotton yarn. Betz White shows her version in the 2nd picture – made of soft alpaca yarn. Even though they’re small – the stitches are also tiny and they do take awhile!

Knitty also features a double knitted Hoover Baby Blanket. The double knitting is so gratifying because it is so very thick (it creates kind of a pocket which you can seal by binding off) but it does take twice the time. The time savings comes in not having to seam two swatches together or cast on twice!

I have also been hanging on to an article from my beloved CRAFTZine detailing a Norwegian method of making large booties. These booties are fascinating – I can’t wait to try them both out! I’m almost halfway through a pair of baby booties but I have at least 6 more to make….here’s to hoping they turn out. I will keep you posted and post pictures of the final product as soon as I’ve got them completed. My hands are sore today (death grip on the needles must stop – but those baby yarns are so tiny!).

Look What I Made!

So this is my second knitted dishcloth. My arm just might fall off – not from knitting but from patting myself on the back! I’m so excited – knitting is so much fun. Thanks to a good friend for sharing the pattern. It’s so pretty I don’t know if I really want to use it but since the same good friend (thanks, Cathy K) also gave me a couple, I know they hold up really well. It’s such a great Sugar ‘n Cream pink yarn and so durable. I haven’t figured out how Cathy got the ends joined so seamlessly (I’m not generous enough to show you the back side!) but all in all this is a pretty one. I love the pink – kind of my own tribute to breast cancer as I wash the dishes every day. My first one went to a friend in Arkansas on our trip down to Texas. This one is going to my mother. I have a few more that are spoken for and then one for me. All pink, baby! Oh, and if anybody can figure out how to do this in the round on circular needles…please, email me.

Huge Knitted Ball-Bean Bag-Whatever!

Cute! I might have to try some of these – I think it’s great they’re stuffed with old pillows, comforters or what have you. Excellent idea. Thanks to Pickles – After we move, I’m sure I’ll have to come up with some variation on this theme – it’s like giant amigurumi bodies/heads.

Circular Knitting 2 Socks at Once!

I was browsing Barnes & Noble (thanks, LeAnne!) and came across these books for knitting a pair of socks at the same time on circular needles. It looks fairly easy — I’m putting both the books and the project on my “to do” list!

Nan’s Cotton Candy Scarf

This cotton candy colored scarf is so pretty – you have to see the color in person to believe it, really! It’s the perfect color to match Nana’s eyes. It’s so soft and squishy that my kids all wanted to keep it but Jack decided modeling it would work suffice (love that bed head hair, huh!?). This was made with Paton’s “Be Mine” yarn in Sweetie Aqua. It is a bulky (5) 100% acrylic super soft machine wash and dry yarn. It took three 50 g / 1.75 oz skeins. I always seem to like my scarves really wide but I am going to try to make the next one a little less wide.

Creating Clothing Labels for Sewing & Knitting

Interesting concept. I’ve come across a few sites that I don’t want to forget and – just in case you’re interested – thought I’d put them here to share with you. First, there’s a great tutorial by Grumperina on how to make your own custom labels with ribbon and an inkjet printer here. She also has a great knitting blog. Thorough as she is, there’s also a great tutorial on cabling here.

Next, I’m bookmarking several companies who will produce your labels professionally: namemaker, Northwest Tag & Label, Clothing Labels 4 U, and Custom Couture Label Co.

A few other options: I’ve heard also that you can search ebay and etsy sellers for custom labels as well. If you really like to control the creative process – print your label onto inkjet transfer fabric and create your own to sew in the seam.

Photo above from the Clothing Labels 4 U website.

Knitting: Echo Lake Cardigan

Spotted on Interweave Knits today. This beautiful cardigan made by Leah Radford is for a man but I think it would look equally great on a woman. I’m putting it on my “to do” list!

My French Blog Obsession

I have been obsessed with reading French blogs lately. They are so interesting! What is it that makes French women so interesting and beautiful? Here are some of my favorite places to lurk:

1. Claire et Coutures
2. Lili lui
3. Mars Avril Mai
4. Nabe fabric
5. Douceur Temeraires
6. Autour d’Une Tasse de The
7. Trois-Trente
8. 22 Rue
9. Mademoiselle Milou
10. Les Manies de Melanie

That last one makes me want to have my own little French baby named Fleur just so I can knit her a sweater like that!!! Sooooo precious. Hope you enjoy the links as much as I have. I also have to thank Zoelioth – my first French blog place that I lurked.

Knit Easter Egg & Bunny Washcloths

…or doilies…or decor…or a swag. Knit these up and make them whatever you want them to be! Sooo cute. Thanks to Susan B. Anderson’s tutorials for the Easter Bunny and for the eggs. Just in time for spring!

Bent Objects’ Ball of Yarn

Just had to share. Check out the Bent Objects blog here.

New Knitting Magazine: Knitscene

I have a thing for magazines. Even if I never get all of the projects done! This new Knitscene magazine looks interesting – I love the cover project! Wish I were 18 years old again so I could wear most of the stuff!

Pom Pom Valentine Hearts!

Who knew? I am in love with pom poms these days. Check out how to make the hearts here. The rug can be found here. Now if I just had some for my roller skates…