What I Designed Today: Christmas Cards for OK Mozart

I loved doing this last year (see below for last year’s version).  This year, another local design company has generously volunteered their time (okay, their interns’ time) to redesign the logo for next year so I changed the Christmas card design to match the lovely greens and sent them two options below.  I would have wrapped their logo on the ornament but these were initial proofs and they chose the dark green so I didn’t bother.  Which do you prefer?

OK Mozart Christmas Card 2013



OK Mozart Christmas Card – two options for 2014



Four Little Pyromaniacs

I have four little pyromaniacs, but only one who felt the need to involuntarily dance/convulse along with the fireworks…every single time one went off (thus the 2 different videos). I think I’d better watch this one as he grows up!