What I Designed Today: Banner Ads for The Artful Ewe



I love knitting. I love banner ads – so small and easy, right? Well, sometimes the small size can be really constraining. I left the ribbon-like banner at the top of one of the ads so perhaps the white space above would set it apart from other banner ads. Anyway – it’s yarn! What’s not to love?

What I Designed Today: Logo Designs for Tech Learnology

Here are some quick logo samples I designed for a client in Houston. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the third from the top.

What I Designed Today: Christmas Songs Book Cover


So my smarty-pants friend is, among many things, very good with words. He compiled this testament of a book as a Christmas gift for friends and family and asked me to do the cover. I can’t wait to see the final product!

Before & After: Simple & Spectacular Design!

Just received my latest issue and it’s always a lovely surprise in my email. I have been subscribing to Before & After for a very long time. It’s cheap ($24/yr for the online version) and short (easily read!) and is usually stuff I already know but presented in such a way that it gets the creative juices flowing again. This mag would be perfect for any kind of designer: print, web, scrapbook, fabric, you name it! You can check out the mag here and the design blog here. Bonus – the blog is holding a design contest for a boring book! Check it out. It’s all about the ideas, baby…