Graphic Design by David Wardle

Great typography and design. UK based artist David Wardle has quite a portfolio. He’s also one of the founders of the website Bold & Noble which I posted about earlier here.

Pottery Barn & Buttons

So many people are taking it on themselves to create some of Pottery Barn’s button art. It is beautiful but I say try something different with the same idea – check out these buttonified curtains. Beautiful! Embellish-away. Curtain idea from Better Homes & Gardens online.

Scandinavian Artist Louise Elliott

Beautiful art with a very scandinavian feel. Check out Louise Elliott’s website here.

Crafting Green: Brown Paper Recipe Cards

From Crafting A Green World, written by Jackie Hernandez. Brilliant. I never remember to take the bags back to Whole Foods, anyway, and this is a great way to use them up and makes adorable recipe cards! Follow the tutorial here.

Crafty Chica’s Sewing Machine Giveaway

Wow. A really decked out Janome. Talk about bling! Sewing machine bling – who knew?! There’s a fantastic giveaway going on now at The Crafty Chica. To enter the giveaway, send an email to amalec(at)randomhouse(dot)com with Crafty Chica Sweepstakes in the subject line. Information on this giveaway was from CRAFT Magazine.

Nameflat’s Personalized Name Artwork

Spotted on Cookie. Check out Nameflat‘s kids’ name artwork – great stuff. Very personal. What kid doesn’t enjoy seeing his own name in print? Great gift idea!

Inspiring Posters for Trying Times

I originally posted about the top photo from Cookie here. First spotted on the Cookie website, there was “Keep calm and carry on.” Now there’s “Make do & mend.” Common sense with a visual reminder. Great for the times we are living in. Make do & mend originated with Bold & Noble but spotted on Decor8.

Knit Hamburger Dress

If you didn’t have a great Valentine’s Day, maybe this hamburger dress will put YOUR hubby in the mood. Unless, of course, he’s thinking Arby’s…

PBS Dog & Cat Photo Contest

We happened to watch PBS’ Nature: Dogs & Cats the other night and it was really, really good. Though I did have to convince Cole that, NO, we don’t need a bloodhound (though Holly in the show was pretty darn cute). We also liked listening to the trainer with the English accent scream at her dogs, “Don’t you dare!” Great stuff. Better than regular television by far. So, I was surprised to find an email waiting for me in my in-box the next morning regarding a PBS photo contest for dogs and cats where you can win a dvd of the show for yourself – not bad! Go here for information if you’re interested & good luck!

Fat Quarter Tote Bag Tutorial & Giveaway

From Cicada Daydream. Enter the giveaway here. In case you don’t win, here’s the tutorial on how to make one yourself. Deadline to enter is February 18, 2009.

Make Your Own Tote Bag!

Love this idea. Love the clear instructions. Thank you, jcarolinecreative!

Pretty Southern Living Pics

A couple of pictures to inspire you. Both are from Southern Living. Perhaps I’m looking to be inspired and/or anxious for my move South to be over with.

Our Homemade Valentines

I used the bird template from Martha Stewart, though I can’t seem to find that page now to link to it. I know it’s on her website somewhere!!! The birdies turned out very cute but I like what Cole did with these flocked cardboard cutouts from Hobby Lobby. He glued a cardstock back to them for a message and covered the interior price tag with additional hearts. He’s such a clever kid. I think I will let him do the cards with the kids next year. Everybody would probably enjoy it more!!!

Meet Anna Maria Horner!

This girl can sew. And cook. And has a mighty great blog here. I am in love with anybody who can be pregnant with their 6th child, still be tiny and cook with a huge yellow Le Creuset pot. Plus, she finds time to author a sewing book, Seams to Me. Superwoman, I tell you.

The Crafty Crow – Valentine Ideas

Adorable. Ingenious. She finds great stuff on the web, too. The matchbox valentines are from Inchmark and the cute, easy treat bag idea is from Zakka Life. Both pics and links were originally from The Crafty Crow.